On the Way to Cancun

John DillonFriday I depart for the UN climate talks in Cancún, Mexico.

I hope to meet many of KAIROS’ southern partners from networks such as Oilwatch and Acción Ecológica as well as human rights campaigners from the Centro Tepeyac in Oaxacas to learn how they view the issues.

So far the mainstream media has almost exclusively reported only on disagreements among official government negotiators that reflect the same differences that led to the failure of last year’s Copenhagen conference. Sadly the official Canadian government delegation has arrived with nothing new to offer and has already won 3 fossil awards for killing a progressive climate bill in the Senate, cutting off funding for the only federal renewable energy program and reducing its greenhouse gas reduction target after Copenhagen.

However, another point of view will reach Cancún tomorrow as thousands of activists travelling in caravans arrive from throughout Mexico and Central America. These advocates of climate justice will make sure that the voices of Indigenous peoples and campesinos who are among those most affected by climate change are also raised loud and clear.

Will anyone be listening? I will and I pledge to relay their messages back to you.

John Dillon

For more information see our latest KAIROS Briefing Paper Decisive Action Vital at Cancún Climate Talks.

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