OFP’s International Women’s Day statement denounces violence against women as a Humanitarian Emergency

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On International Women’s Day, KAIROS partner, Organización Femenina Popular (OFP), released a statement calling attention to and denouncing the increase in violence against women in the region of Magdalena Medio, including the assassination of Sandra Lozano on March 7.   The OFP is calling for this situation to be recognized as a Humanitarian Emergency and is inviting local and international communities to participate in a public Ombudman’s Hearing for women’s lives on March 24.  The statement reads:

Faced with this wave of patriarchal violence, the Organización Femenina Popular (OFP) expresses a strong rejection and ratifies the call to society as a whole and especially to local, regional and national authorities to protect the lives of women, whose human rights situation in the territory of Magdalena Medio today – we reiterate – is in a humanitarian emergency.

KAIROS has accompanied the OFP for over 20 years of its 50 years as a grassroots women’s movement constructing sustainable, just and equitable peace with a feminist face.

Read the full statement here

Commemorating the lives of human rights defenders and OFP leader
Esperanza Amaris Miranda, during the Ruta de Memoria, Feb 2023

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