News from KAIROS Partner in Gaza

“We could not sleep last night, today we cannot go out of our houses, it is dangerous to move around. NECC premises are closed , employees cannot reach the working places. Gaza people live in fear and stress. I hope shelling will stop. God bless you.”

NECCThis poignant message arrived this morning from the Near East Council of Churches staff in Gaza, a KAIROS partner through the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees. Hostilities from both sides must come to an immediate end to prevent further suffering and tragic loss of life of both Palestinians and Israelis. It is the Government of Canada’s role as a member of the international community to demand that every measure be taken to protect civilian lives on both sides, and to bring about a decisive end to the fighting. To date, this international humanitarian message has not been the message of the federal government.

The current escalation of conflict is rooted in the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories, and in the denial of the Palestinian peoples’ human rights. The Government of Canada’s friendship with the Government of Israel must include urging it to be accountable to international law and to actions that will lead to just peace. Our partners in the region are preparing to provide what assistance they can to those in the midst of this growing humanitarian crisis, and they continue to be clear that resolving the issues of the unjust occupation are essential to ensuring lasting and just peace.

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