New Video: Indigenous and Newcomer Friendships for a Just and Inclusive Canada

Friendships and Newcomers video
Indigenous and newcomer communities came together in five Canadian cities for delicious feasts, cultural exchanges, and dialogue from October 2017 to March 2018.

As part of KAIROS’ Indigenous and Newcomer Friendships for a Just and Inclusive Canada project, refugees, immigrants and Indigenous people gathered in Fredericton, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton to begin building relationships based on respect and solidarity by celebrating their cultures and traditions, and learning from one another.

This project is part of the KAIROS Reconciliation with Migrant and Diaspora communities program, and another way KAIROS contributes to reconciliation with Indigenous People in Canada.

KAIROS is pleased to share a short video showcasing highlights from the five cities.

Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island delivered similar messages, almost word for word. They spoke of the importance of newcomers educating themselves about the history of Indigenous people and the land where they now live. They also said to newcomers: “We want to hear your stories. We want to know about you.”

Participants appreciated the opportunity for dialogue and learning, and encouraged similar events in more locations. Building relationships and trust takes time, and we hope these friendship gatherings continue.

To learn more about this project, or to organize and host an Indigenous and Newcomer Friendship gathering in your community, please contact Alfredo Barahona at And please share the video!

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