Message to the ONIC

Jennifer Henry, executive director of KAIROS, gives a Reflection on water at Keepers of the Water: A Vigil of Lament and Celebration at Church of the Holy Trinity, Trinity Square on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. Photo/Michael Hudson

From October 8-12, 4,000 Indigenous leaders and elders met in Bogota, Colombia for the VIII National Congress of the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), under the banner “For the Consolidation of our Territories, the strengthening of autonomy and the guarantee of our fundamental rights.”

The ONIC is celebrating its 30th anniversary – 30 years of indispensable work for human rights and social justice under horrendous conditions of conflict, marginalization, discrimination and poverty.

KAIROS fully supports the ONIC’s campaign for the Prevention of Extinction of Indigenous Peoples of Colombia.  Of the 102 Indigenous peoples or nations in Colombia, 34 (over 30%) are at risk of extinction.  In the last year, 78 members of the ONIC have been assassinated and 3,000 Indigenous people have been displaced.  This situation requires an urgent response from the international community, both governments and civil society.

Click here to read a translation of a solidarity message that KAIROS sent to the ONIC for the opening of their National Congress.

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