Letter from Theresa

Theresa Halkett (R) and her daughter Yolanda Bird in Bogota

By Theresa Halkett

We the Indigenous peoples that are representing Canada on this tour are very thankful to be here. It has been very moving over the past three days; it hurts us so much to see what the Colombian government has done to the people of this country. I am so fortunate that our leaders worked for our treaty rights, yet the Canadian government is still trying to break our rights. I often use the phrase “why I am the way I am!” because of my childhood, parenting, language, and most of all the Indigenous in me; but I am glad that our leaders worked for our rights. But it is not yet where the nations of Colombia are at today. I want to thank the Women of Courage and KAIROS for inviting us to come on this tour. We will continue to pray for everyone in wonderful friendly country, and hope that they find peace soon.

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