Let’s talk social and ecological justice in Budget 2024

Budget 2024
Budget 2024

Join us in urging Canada to invest in social and ecological justice! 

The Canadian government is preparing for Budget 2024 and wants to hear from you! This is a great opportunity to voice your support for KAIROS’ priority areas. 

Please take five or so minutes to complete the government’s online questionnaire by February 9, 2024. Canadians are also welcome to submit their ideas and comments to the Department of Finance by uploading a file through the formal submission page.  

KAIROS very much wants to see the government prioritize reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, the transition to renewable energy sources, the wellbeing of migrant workers and increased investment in its Feminist International Assistance Policy, particularly women peacebuilders in the Global South.  

Many of the questions in the survey focus on how to grow the Canadian economy and Canadian’s personal financial concerns at the exclusion of questions related to social and economic justice for all Canadians and support for international cooperation and assistance. We believe that most Canadians are committed to both. In fact, most Canadians share a commitment to global peace and sustainability and want Canada to invest in international assistance. According to a recent national poll by Abacus Data, eight in ten Canadians support investment in international assistance, despite domestic concerns and challenges.   

In the survey, the government provides a list of priority areas to tick, including “other.” Some of the questions include KAIROS’ priority areas but fails to touch on migrant workers and international development. 

Under Question 4, please consider choosing the following as your some of your top five priorities for Budget 2024: 

  • Protect the environment and fight climate change 
  • Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples 
  • Better supports for refugees and maximizing employment opportunities for immigrants 
  • Other 

In the Other category, please include support for women peacebuilders through investments in international development, and support for migrant workers. Here is sample wording: 

  • Invest in international development, prioritizing grassroots women-led organizations that are laying the groundwork for lasting peace and climate resiliency.  
  • Provide financial support for permanent residency for all migrant workers, including regularization for the undocumented, and a national housing strategy in support of an essential worker immigration policy.   

Thank you for voicing your support for KAIROS’ priority areas in Budget 2024! 

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