Last stop: Capreol!

Capreol ON, 1:00AM Saturday

Our last stop! Capreol is about 25 minutes west of Sudbury, for those not acquainted with this historic stopping point.  We were met on the platform by Dave, Pat, Faye, Laura, Brandy and Cameron (who had a greatly extended bedtime and was wise enough not to be impressed with this) and two United Church banners from the local church and the Presbytery. We had a good visit and Minnie and Bert again used the Kamloops United Churches’ banner to good effect, because it shows a map of Secwepemc territory.

Many thanks to the banner makers and to those who so cheerfully and energetically came to share in the send off. The people gathered here tonight offer a lot of great energy and ideas to the social justice cause in the community and Manitou Conference. The banners will represent you well and we’ll be proud to carry them.

That’s it for the journey from the West, save for photos we will add as they come in. It’s been a long journey, rich in conversation, especially with Minnie and Bert, as well as supportive staff and passengers. We were gifted with round the clock, beautiful scenes of the passing land, skies and waters. From the train you gain a better sense of the immense spiritual and physical gifts this land offers us all, and of humanity’s small place within it. Our overly large footprint also becomes all too clear at some points and places. What is left to us is the very human challenge of living in right and renewed relationship with one another and the land.  May this action be one small and real step in that journey.

Travelling blessings to the Eastern, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario trains, travellers and banner-makers who begin their journeys tomorrow! Over and out from The Canadian.

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