KAIROS, the WCC and the MECC express concern for bishops kidnapped in Syria

In April, Syrian Archbishops (Metropolitans) His Eminence Boulos (Yazigi), from the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch and His Eminence Mor Youhanna Gregorios (Ibrahim) from the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch, were abducted in Aleppo. By all accounts they remain in danger. KAIROS has asked the Canadian government to use all diplomatic means at its disposal to ensure the release of the bishops along with other civilians kidnapped in the country.

Bishops Of AleppoOn May 29th, participants (including KAIROS staff) at the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) and World Council of Churches (WCC) event in Lebanon released the following  “Statement of solidarity with the two kidnapped metropolitans of Aleppo.”

The statement concludes: “Knowing well the two Metropolitans, we are sure that they will forgive their aggressors in accordance with the Christian values they have always promoted. We pray and hope that their speedy release will strengthen the interreligious relations and trust that have been built up over centuries in a region that has been and still is an example of diversity and living together in mutual respect.”


For more information please contact:
John Lewis
Human Rights Program Coordinator
1 877 403 8933 x224


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