KAIROS stands with Organizacion Femenina Popular (OFP) in Colombia


KAIROS stands with the Popular Feminist Organization (OFP), our partner in Colombia, as they prepare for the plebiscite on October 2 when Colombians will vote on the recently signed final Peace Accord. The OFP is currently working and praying for a “yes” vote in the plebiscite because for the last 44 years their work has been to defend life and to build peace.

Furthermore they give the following 10 reasons to vote “Yes” in the plebiscite:

  • The prolonged war has brought death, desolation and has uprooted more than 7 million people. Women and children have been particularly impacted.
  • Bringing an end to the war is the most urgent humanitarian need in the country.
  • If the end is peace with justice, the path cannot be war.
  • The end of the war requires the search for common ends and compromise and the construction of new relationships.
  • Ending the war with the FARC (and hopefully the ELN) is a necessary condition to open new and better horizons in the country.
  • The Peace Accords provide a window and an opportunity to confront other critical issues in the country such an integral and transformative land reform , opening of democratic space, a definitive cease-fire, the reincorporation of the FARC into civilian life, guarantees for security, a strengthened struggle against organized crime and an integral system for truth, justice, reparation and non repetition.
  • The Peace Accords have included a focus on gender and guarantee measures to address the needs and interests of women.   
  • It will mean leaving behind 52 years of armed conflict with FARC
  • In general, it is a good accord and together we must show our support and approval before the Constitutional court
  • A “No” vote is a vote for the continuation of war.



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