KAIROS Staff head to COP 17, UN Climate Change Conference in Durban

KAIROS staff to Durban COP 17

KAIROS staffers Jim Davis, John Dillon & Caroline Foster

Jim Davis and Caroline Foster are imminently heading to Durban COP 17.  John Dillon, who’s staying home, will be following Durban outcomes closely. Amidst the hurly-burly of organizing their departures, KAIROS staffers gave us a sentence (or so) each on why they’re heading to (or closely following)  the conference.

“The Durban COP17 is an opportunity for faith and justice communities to demonstrate their resolve that system change is needed to address the biggest market failure in history, otherwise known as climate change, that will continue to have accelerated calamitous effects on the world’s most vulnerable.”
– Jim Davis (Jim cites Naomi Klein’s Nov.9 article, ‘Capitalism vs. the Climate‘, as neatly summarizing his views on the importance of COP 17.)

“I hope that Canada is held accountable for the ecological debt we owe to the peoples of the global South and to the Earth for our overuse of the planet’s carbon absorption capacity.”
John Dillon

“I am hoping that this experience will give me a better understanding of youth-based perspectives on the impacts of climate change in countries around the world.  I hope to come back to Canada and KAIROS with a renewed energy and passion for working towards a more just and sustainable future for all of Creation.”
Caroline Foster

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