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While we were sad not to be able to meet in KAIROS regional gatherings with handshakes and hugs, pulling chairs into knee groups or sharing meals, we are excited to tell you that having all the gatherings online has its own advantages. People from Yellowknife, Happy Valley Goose Bay, Trout Lake, Wikwemikong, Sudbury and so many more places all across the country had access to these gatherings. And now you too have access to the recordings of some amazing speakers who enlighten and inspire us all for the sake of justice. 

Several people of colour joined the mostly white, settler planning team in the Atlantic to craft a two-part event that tackled racism in Canada. In the videos you will see a diverse, young panel including two black and two Indigenous speakers share their experiences, their perspectives, and their activism against systemic injustice. In the second part they lead participants through a variety of activities and discussions to help white folks in particular face the harmful, unintended consequences of unexamined actions, even good intensions.

The Prairies North gathering also addressed racism, this time focusing on how we can bring life to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). In the video you will hear a lawyer explain how the Declaration can be, and has been, used in law and what government action to implement it means for people in Canada. This is followed by a very passionate voice for Indigenous knowledge and following Indigenous law. The second video, with another Indigenous voice for implementation, focuses in on how we can get involved and help to move this one aspect of reconciliation forward.

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region featured work on migrant justice as well as inspiration by representatives from across the region giving verbal snapshots of their work in the community. The first presentation you will hear is a very clear and persuasive argument for extending the option of permanent residency to all migrant workers. A heart-rending personal testimony from a migrant worker who suffers under discrimination makes the argument all that much more compelling. Then you will hear just a few minutes worth from eight different local activists talking about a diversity of issues they are involved in from a water project that turns to investing in people, to a listening post – expressly not solving people’s problems – but making sure they are heard, to support for the 1492 Land Back movement and more.

Check out all the videos at your convenience and watch for more offerings from the remaining two regions in the spring. 

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