KAIROS Partner Voices speak on UN Statehood for Palestine

At the UN General Assembly, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is seeking to upgrade Palestinians’ status from non-state observer to full UN membership. Given the United States’ proposed exercise of its veto, there is concern that Palestinian hopes may once again dashed and there could be increased levels of violence as a result. The more likely outcome is an upgrade of the Palestinian territories to become a non-member state from its current status as an observer. That would not need Security Council approval and would elevate the Palestinians’ UN status to equal that of the Vatican, for example.

The KAIROS holds a position not on the strategy, but on the outcome. It has been a long-held position of the Canadian churches (and the Canadian government) that both Palestinians and Israelis should have their own states. KAIROS’ continues to call for an end to the occupation and creation of just peace based on a two state framework.

In this difficult time, where there is great frustration at a peace process that has been stalled for many years, we are striving to listen to our partners in the region for their observations and insights. We offer these perspectives for reflection. Please join us in praying for just peace in the Holy Land.

Heads of Churches of Jerusalem

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre

Dr. Bernard Sabella, Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees

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