KAIROS launches new resources for the health and safety of migrant agricultural workers

Empowering Temporary Foreign Workers project

KAIROS Canada’s Empowering Temporary Foreign Worker (ETFW) Project will be hosting a special event to launch new resources for temporary foreign workers. These resources, developed with community partners in the project across Ontario and the Maritimes, represent a diverse range of supports for the safety, health, and wellness of migrant workers, including a full-body stretch workout, the proper use of respirator masks, bike safety, and utilizing Service Canada’s confidential tip line to report abuse.

Sandy Falcon of Unknown Neighbours has supported the development of several of the new documents and videos created as part of the ETFW project. When asked about the importance of creating resources for temporary foreign workers, she explained:

“The resources created for migrant workers has been an attempt at providing support from every aspect. A poster with a quick overview of assistance available and a short yoga video to support the workers wellness can be so helpful and full of information. Unknown Neighbours wants to support migrant workers everywhere by creating resources that can be accessed at any place, anytime.”

During the launch event, a selection of the video resources developed by the project will be shown and we will hear from the partners who developed them.

KAIROS Canada’s Empowering Temporary Foreign Workers Project takes a community-coordinated approach to supporting workers and is funded by the Government of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. KAIROS is an ecumenical, faith-based organization for ecological justice and human rights.

Current resources from the ETFW project

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