Images from the Referendum in Southern Sudan

Posted are some images from the referendum on self-determination in Southern Sudan taking place January 9-15, 2011.

Day One


Yei, Southern Sudan

Guarding the vote. Yei, Southern Sudan

Domestic observer at Sudan Referendum. Yei, Southern Sudan

Day Two

Congo Road

A man on his way to vote. Congo Road, Southern Sudan

"Vote wisely". Southern Sudan Referendum

Chairperson Alex Kenyi at Libogo. Congo Border, Southern Sudan

Day Three

Maridi Road

A sleepy polling centre. Maridi Road, Southern Sudan

Ballot paper. Southern Sudan Referendum

Day Four

Juba Road

Southern Sudan Referendum

Polling centre. Juba Road, Southern Sudan


John Lewis, KAIROS International Human Rights Coordinator, accredited by the South Sudan Referendum Commission, is currently in South Sudan on behalf of the Canadian churches monitoring the self-determination referendum called for in the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement ending 20 years of North-South civil war.

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