Hope in the struggle: KAIROS Christmas video for sharing

Christmas Video Message
“Christmas offers a welcome reminder that God came among us in the very midst of repression, disrupting empire with a most unexpected peace.”

Dear Friends,

Here is the KAIROS Christmas video. I invite you to take a moment to watch it, share it with your family and friends, post it on Facebook and tweet it. Share it on your congregation or community e-lists. Show it in your church. Please consider making a donation to sustain hope!

On behalf of the Board, staff, partners, networks and volunteers, I thank you for all the ways you support us. Peace and goodwill to you this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Jennifer Henry,
Executive Director, KAIROS

Christmas video text.

One of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous quotes is, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” I deeply want to believe that. I do believe it. But at some moments, it’s very hard to see that sense of unfolding justice. We can even feel like peace, equity and justice is in retreat, and empire triumphs.

Christmas offers a welcome reminder that God came among us, in the very midst of repression, disrupting empire with a most unexpected peace. The Child of Peace entered a world harsh with oppression and conflict, a truth that the soft edges and twinkling lights of today’s holiday scenes can sometimes obscure.

Christmas trains our eye to look for hope and transformation not among the powerful — the rulers and emperors of our time that can sometimes fill one with despair — but rather to look for hope in the resilience, courage, and persistence of those in the heart of struggle.

Our Colombian partners, who despite 52 years of conflict and huge setbacks on the road to peace, keep building justice from the ground up.

Indigenous peoples in Canada recovering language, culture, spiritual practices and passing them to a next generation — a generation leading the transformation of our country.

Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo who courageously insist on becoming human rights advocates, helping those who have also experienced sexual violence.

This Christmas, let’s remind each other where to look for hope. Not among the wealthy and powerful, but in a poor young woman who said “yes” to transformation. Not in the halls or houses of the rulers, but in a manger “tucked under a donkey’s nose.”

For everything you do to support and strengthen peace with justice, built in the very midst of struggle — we thank you.

Christmas Blessings from the God who is Hope, to all of you.

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