Good news! Update on Acción Ecológica Urgent Action

With your words and support we feel closer to that great wave, ever more universal, defending life and nature, which finds a home in the struggle of each and every one of us.” –Ivonne Ramos, Acción Ecológica’s president

Thank you so much for all the letters written in response to the recent urgent action regarding the removal of KAIROS partner Acción Ecológica’s legal status.

It seems that the international outcry and pressure on Ecuador’s government worked – at least for now.

Acción Ecológica received thousands of copies of letters written to the Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa from supporters in Ecuador and around the world. According to government sources, Correa’s office received thousands of messages daily. “This victory was a direct result of the thousands of letters that were written nationally and internationally”, stated Acción Ecológica’s president Ivonne Ramos in a recent telephone interview. “ We thank you for your solidarity and action”.

Below is a translated message of solidarity and appreciation from Acción Ecológica as well as a press release that explains that their legal status has been temporarily re-instated. Acción Ecológica is able to continue their work immediately as a legally constituted organization; they see this as a positive sign that their legal status will be permanently and definitely re-instated soon.

For more background, see our urgent action at[backPid]=1&cHash=d7f63fee06

Message from Acción Ecológica

Dear Friends,

Thank you, to all of you, who with your words and support, have enabled us to continue our work. With your solidarity, we have opened the path for all of us.

We would like to thank you for your rapid response since it demonstrates to us that you are present and close by, despite distance and work; your letters of support have meant a great embrace, lifting our spirits, and an accompaniment in our struggles: also thank you for converting perplexity into commitment and for bringing new meaning to us through your solidarity.


Yesterday we were notified of the decision of the Ministry of Health to provisionally suspend the execution of the Ministerial Agreement that determined the cancellation of our legal status.

The state has a maximum period of two months to dictate and notify us of the resolution of our appeal (art. 175-2 del Estatuto del Régimen Jurídico Administrativo de la Función Ejecutiva).

We are hopeful of the definitive restitution of our legal status, especially after having heard the President of the Republic on the 14th of March saying that our organization has complied with all legal requirements. Moreover, the President, in his position as maximum government authority manifested in favour of generating a solution to the problem of subscription by an agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment. This should have been done from the beginning avoiding the arbitrary form in which we were victimized.

It is important for us to make clear that we are in agreement with the organizational differences between the ministries – which we interpret will mean a greater, more efficient and dynamic protection and guarantee to fundamental rights – however, we insist that this work must be carried out with the greatest respect towards Ecuadorian citizens.

With the provisional restoring of our legal status we will continue our activities in defense of the rights to, health, natural heritage, ecosystems, well-being and natures’ rights.

We want to emphasis our gratitude for the support we have receive from hundreds of individuals, communities, social and non-government organizations, parliamentary authorities, agencies, scholars and writers of our country and the five continents who have acted in defense of nature and of life.

With your words and support we feel closer to that great wave, ever more universal, defending life and nature, which finds a home in the struggle of each and every one of us.

Ivonne Ramos,
Presidente Acción Ecológica
y el colectivo de Acción Ecológica

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