G8 Action Call from the Canadian Council of Churches and KAIROS

The Canadian Council of Churches is hosting the Interfaith Summit of World Religious Leaders in Winnipeg: read all about it here, or visit the website at www.faithchallengeG8.com

The Canadian Interfaith planning committee is asking Canadians to “urge our government to put the needs of the majority of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable first.”

Sign the petition at www.faithchallengeG8.com if:

* you want G8 governments to close the gap between rich and poor

* you want G8 governments to prioritize environmental sustainability

* you want G8 governments to end militarism and cycles of violent conflict

* you want G8 governments to put the Millennium Development Goals back on track

KAIROS supporters are joining in this work by inviting MPs to public events as part of the KAIROS G20 Climate Justice Tour.

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