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letter of the faithful event on December 10

This past month, For the Love of Creation (FLC) hosted a Fall Online Forum series every Monday evening.  This series was an opportunity for the members of For the Love of Creation, including KAIROS to introduce the work of this climate justice initiative more publicly and to connect with people in conversation around climate change. Over the course of the month, the series explored a variety of topics including effective climate communication, climate policies, ecological grief, and creation care theologies. We heard from faith leaders, Indigenous leaders, youth, communications and policy experts, and everyday people of faith across Canada who are concerned about climate change and ready to take action. The series wrapped up with a night of motivation and collective action online. This final forum invited participants to select an action that they would like to carry forward: contact your MP to advocate for climate-friendly policies or host a faithful climate conversation. 

Whether you were able to join us for the series or are just coming into the conversation now, we encourage you to pick up one of these actions too: 

Tell your MP how to ensure a green and just recovery after the pandemic    

Help us keep up the momentum on the demands of the For the Love of Creation e-petition by calling or emailing your MP to reiterate the importance of supporting a global recovery to the pandemic that builds a more sustainable and equitable future for all. The federal government’s response to the pandemic includes addressing the health, economic and social impacts of the pandemic, and your MP needs to know that this is the moment to transform our society and not return  the old “normal” of poverty, inequity, climate change and ongoing violations of Indigenous rights. See the Advocacy page of the FLC website for more details and template messaging. 

Host a Faithful Climate Conversation:  

FLC developed Faithful Climate Conversations to increase dialogue and reduce polarization in the climate conversation in Canada, in order to build consensus on the actions we need to take to achieve net-zero by 2050. A series of three guides are available to help people facilitate small group conversations on climate change. The guides meet people where they are in their understanding of climate change – whether it’s new to them, they are concerned but don’t know what to do about it, or are already engaged and looking for new ways to organize for systemic change.  Go to the resources section, of the FLC website to download these guides and consider hosting one this holiday season or in the new year. 

We invite you to bring mindfulness about the climate emergency into the holiday season and to contemplate ongoing engagement in the work of climate justice.  If you were unable to join the Fall Online Forum live, we encourage you to watch the recordings available in English and French on the FLC website. You may consider organizing a small viewing party with friends or members of your church or community.   

What next?  

  1. Follow For the Love of Creation on Facebook 
  2. Contact your MP about the FLC just recovery demands 
  3. Host a Faithful Climate Conversation 
  4. Join us for the first Letter of the Faithful session on December 10 where we will engage in small groups on collaborative theology, reflecting on shared stories and some questions for conversation about the climate crisis. Space is limited.  Register now.  Letter of the Faithful sessions will continue in 2021. 

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