For the Love of Creation  advocacy campaign #KAIROSClimateAction

DAY 3 of Climate Action Month: TAKE ACTION!

For the Love of Creation (FLC) is a national faith-based initiative for climate justice, uniting over 35 churches and faith-based organizations including KAIROS.  In February 2021, FLC launched its faith-in-action campaign to mobilizes people across Canada to reduce household greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and demonstrate support for increased federal climate action.    

As part of the campaign, people are invited to make a personal pledge to reduce their household greenhouse gas emissions and/or engage in acts of solidarity with justice seeking communities. The FLC website includes ideas on how to get started with your personal pledge. This pledge was then shared with federal Cabinet Minister while calling on them to commit the Government of Canada to:  

  • Increase our national GHG emissions reduction target and invest in a just transition to a fair, inclusive, green economy;  
  • Implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including, but not limited to, the right of free, prior and informed consent;  
  • Commit equal support for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the Global South.  

As of August 2021, the faith-in-action had generated 500 letters to federal cabinet ministers. With a federal election now underway, this campaign has shifted.  We now have an opportunity to take these demands to our candidates and cast a vote for the climate and for all Creation.    

Day of Action!  

Every Friday, KAIROS will feature actions you can take for the climate.   

  • Make a personal pledge with the For the Love of Creation faith-in-action campaign and share it on social media #fortheloveofcreation #KAIROSClimateAction. 
  • Email the federal candidates in your riding and ask them if they will commit to the following:   
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada by 60 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, making a fair-share contribution to global efforts to maintain temperature rise below 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels.  
  • Invest in a just transition and the establishment of a fair, inclusive, green economy that addresses current inequities.  
  • Implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and incorporate Indigenous knowledge and experience into any proposed policy and program.  
  • Commit equal support for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the Global South.  

Read more in the KAIROS 2021 Election Resource  

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