Engaging men and boys to end violence against women #16StoriesofCourage

Patriarchy and the dominant, harmful expressions of masculinity link to all forms of violence against women and other marginalized groups.  

Incorporating men and boys into the work to end Violence Against Women is essential to examining root causes and creating a safer, more equitable and violence free world for women and girls and for everyone.  

Cassim, from Bethlehem, West Bank, participated in Wi’am’s joint gender awareness training that includes analysis of gender, power relations and masculinity, and had this to say after a session in his school.  

“I have a sister, and to be honest, I never really cared about the social differences between us. She was a girl and therefore cleaned, and I was a man and played with my friends. After having to think about this more critically, I see how she is not only affected by my inaction and my family’s traditional ways, but also by society. I think it is time now that I try to act more justly and bring about change to my family. She should have the same rights and privileges as I do. She is just as smart and capable. I do not want to face such discrimination, so how can I allow her to!” Cassim, West Bank. 

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