Education and action campaign to raise awareness of Inuit food security issues

Deborah TagornakKAIROS Indigenous Rights Circle member-at-large, Deborah Tagornak, and four other Inuit women met in KAIROS’ Ottawa office today to launch an education and action campaign to raise awareness of the impact on the Inuit of the extremely high cost of food in Nunavut.

The five women came together for the first time only a few days ago to organize a demonstration on Parliament Hill on June 9 to coincide with similar demonstrations across the north.

The success of that event inspired the women to form an Ottawa-based support group for the Inuit in Nunavut. They met in the KAIROS office to begin planning the next demonstration in Ottawa on June 21, National Aboriginal Day.

The women were clear that their primary role is to help give voice to the Inuit in Nunavut.

“We have to make sure the Inuit tell their own story,” said Simona Arnatsiaq. “For too long the government has spoken for us. Our job is to make sure the people in Nunavut who are suffering are able to tell their story.”

The inaugural meeting was covered by CBC Radio Reporter Evan Dyer.

For more information about the support group and their campaign, contact Katy Quinn at

You’ll find more about the demonstrations on June 9 at these links:


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