Early morning rain in Edmonton with a hardy band

Edmonton AB, 1:30AM Thursday

Julie and Bert with Edmonton stalwarts!

From Jasper we rode through the folded granite slopes of the Rockies and onto the rolling countryside west of Edmonton that is the western border of the enormous territories of the Cree. Signal problems and freight train backups meant we arrived in Edmonton well behind time. Seven extremely patient and gracious people from various traditions within KAIROS Edmonton were gathered in the rain on the Edmonton platform. They’d waited for two and half hours and they take the prize for patience in the face of adversity (and in the face of late night TV in the station).

Four banners came along for the ride and Bert used one of the Kamloops banners to introduce his traditional territory. Lois said that at church last week she used the blanket that had been offered to the Blanket Train, held ten years ago. People remembered that work well and contributed to the banner she brought.

Huge thanks to Lois Evans for pulling this together, and to all the folks like Bob McKeon who stayed on even though they had to go to work later on. Thank you for taking the time to welcome us. We will do you and your banners proud in Ottawa!

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