Don Samuel Ruiz at World Peace Forum in Vancouver

From Barry Nelson, Development and Peace BC/Yukon Regional Council

Attached please find a picture of Bishop Ruiz attending the workshop on Peace & Justice issues developed by the BC/Yukon Regional Council of Development & Peace and presented at the World Peace Forum in Vanc. Bishop Ruiz was a special guest of the World Peace Forum and surprised us all by attending this workshop. We had a number of people from Mexico making presentations at this workshop including his personal secretary.

There were some 85 people who attended this event over a 1 1/2 hour period.

Some of the others in this picture included several guests from a Mexican delegation beside and behind Bishop Ruiz. On the far right Margie Noonan, past president of the National Council of Development & Peace, behind her Barry Nelson former BC/Yukon Region National Council Rep. and to Bishop Ruiz’ right Natasha Halpin the then BC/Yukon National Council Rep.

It was wonderful to have the Bishop with us participating along with all the others who attended, including walking through our mock river we had on the floor with fish swimming in it representing the participants social justice heroes.

We also had the pleasure of hearing from the Bishop at a special service at the Anglican Cathedral in Vanc. that same week. His gracious presence, enlightening words and special gifts for our world will be sorely missed.

Barry Nelson

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