Continue to take action for international human rights and against annexation

KAIROS delegation to Palestine in 2019

The government of Israel publicly communicated plans to move forward with the formal annexation of significant parts of the West Bank and all of its settlements, consisting of territory that Israel has been militarily occupying since 1967, giving July 1, 2020 as the date to proceed with this plan.  At that time, KAIROS posted an urgent action calling on the Canadian government speak out against this annexation plan and for international human rights. 

Although this initial date has passed, the ongoing threat of annexation remains real, particularly in the context of occupation.  If Israel proceeds with its plan, these acts would greatly exacerbate the suffering of the Palestinian people and put prospects for just and sustainable peace in even greater jeopardy.   Furthermore, this plan constitutes a clear violation of International Law, of which Canada is a party.  

We need you to continue to take action, by contacting your MP and asking them to: 

  • publicly condemn the plans of the Government of Israel to annex any and all parts of occupied Palestinian territory  
  • work with like-minded countries to take all diplomatic and political actions, and  
  • protect the human rights and self-determination of Palestinians  

For more information: Take action for international human rights and against annexation

Watch the webinar: What’s next? Annexation, COVID-19 and Palestine

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