Christ Candle Prayer

Advent Resource 2014

Here is a Christmas Eve/Christmas Day candle-lighting prayer that matches the other candle-lighting prayers used in the KAIROS 2014 Advent resource

One: Called to be a reconciling people, we gather together to experience the birth of the Christ child, one who confounds expectations, upsets the established order and uprights the downtrodden.

Two: Let us remember, the first candle is for the hope of reconciliation with the land.

The second candle is for the peace we seek in our watersheds.

The third candle is for joy in the life we share with all the inhabitants of this planet.

The fourth candle is for love to unite the genders and generations of your beloved people.

One: Tonight/today we light the final candle, the Christ candle, for Christ is born anew amongst us. Our Advent waiting is complete, yet our yearning for justice is but re-kindled, as we continue to work and wait; call for and co-create God’s final reconciliation of all things.

Two: Let us pray:

One: God of reconciliation, source of all life, may we seek Christ with the wonder and curiosity of a child, may we find Christ flowing through your beloved waters and healing your beloved land, and may we wait on Christ, the reconciler of nations and peoples, whose reign of justice will never end.


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