Camp Micah calling! Youth encouraged to participate in this social justice camp

Camp Micah
Camp Micah

Help foster the next generation movement for peace and justice. Please encourage a young person to attend Camp Micah for the experience of a lifetime.

August 20-25, 2023
Ages: 14-18 years
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Camp Micah offers high school students a five-day camping program focused on social justice, peace and leadership. Rooted in the Christian tradition, it focuses on the inclusion of people of all beliefs, backgrounds, abilities and orientations. Visit the website and watch the video on the homepage for a great overview of the Camp.

This camp runs every August and is based at the beautiful Cedar Ridge campsite, near Bancroft, Ontario. Read more about the Camp Micah values and what this small but mighty camp offers the justice movement.

KAIROS Canada proudly supports Camp Micah as an element of our youth programming. It offers budding social rights activists in grades 9-12 an immersive community experience where they can:

  • Connect across difference 
  • Learn how to be an ally
  • Model an inclusive world 
  • Experience authentic relationships
  • Grow in confidence
  • Encounter nature 
  • Explore spirituality
  • Imagine new ways to live
  • Have fun!

Please, reach out to the teens in your life, as well as the teachers and youth workers you know. It may take multiple invitations before a youth will step out of their comfort zones, but time and time again we hear that it is worth it.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this camp throughout this week. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone [and] made so many new friends and amazing relationships…. I loved the prayers and reflections and I’ve learned more about religions than ever…. I can’t wait to come back next year.”

2022 Camp Micah Participant (age 16)

“We had so much fun meeting new people and forming new friendships. The camp created a space where we were able to be our authentic selves and feel connected and included.”

2022 Camp Micah Participant (age 17)

“A second part of the week was learning about the environment and the [Indigenous] People. So many things were learnt throughout that week, including respect for the environment, resilience, passion, and respect. The week was filled with peace and reflection not always payed attention to in everyday life. One of the most important lessons I walked away with is that teachings are constantly happening all around us. There is no start or end time, we only need to pay attention to what is going on around us and we will acquire so much knowledge. If we keep our eyes, mind, and heart open, we will learn so many valuable things that aren’t taught in the structured educational system.”

2018 Camp Micah Participant

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