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For years, KAIROS members and networks along with other Canadian civil society actors have been active in support of corporate accountability for the Canadian mining, energy, and garment sectors operating abroad.

Thanks to those efforts the Government of Canada created in 2018 the office of the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE). However, the government has not granted the CORE investigatory powers.

KAIROS continues to press the government to give the Ombudsperson the power to compel documents and testimony and holds that Canada must do more to prevent human rights abuses by Canadian companies operating overseas.

While having an Ombudsperson that can conduct effective independent investigations is important to help ensure that people harmed by Canadian companies overseas have access to remedy, on its own it is not enough to ensure corporate accountability.

People who are harmed by corporate activity should also have access to remedy in Canadian courts, which requires new Canadian laws.

Therefore, the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) is also calling on the Canadian government to adopt a law requiring Canadian companies (and companies selling products in Canada) to:

  • identify human rights risks in their global supply chains;
  • prevent human rights abuses;
  • immediately stop directly or indirectly contributing to human rights abuses;
  • and ensure remedy for people who have been harmed.

This type of law is called “human rights due diligence” legislation.

The CNCA is publishing its model on May 31st. Watch the livestream on the CNCA’s Facebook page.

The last several years have seen a growth in global momentum toward mandatory human rights due diligence requirements for companies. The European Commission and several European countries already require or are in the process of developing laws that would require companies within their jurisdictions to conduct human rights due diligence throughout their global operations. It is time Canada catches up and enacts legislation that holds corporations accountable for their actions! 


Join a free training session for volunteers and advocates working on corporate accountability offered by the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability, of which KAIROS is an active member. Be a part of a new campaign for human rights and environmental due diligence legislation.

The session will take place via Zoom at 8 PM EST on Wednesday June 9th. 

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Depending on demand, there will be an advanced training for experienced business and human rights volunteers, and a separate training session for beginners.

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