Banner Presentation & Feast Mark Qualicum Celebrations

L to R: Quilter Beulah Paugh, Qualicum Band Councillor Donna Kennedy, Qualicum Band Councillor Darlene Wells, Chief Patricia Cassidy, designer Norma Emerson, and Parksville/Qualicum KAIROS Chair Hans Kratz.

In the midst of a few hundred school children, parents, and supporters, Parksville/Qualicum KAIROS presented a handcrafted banner to Qualicum First Nation. The banner was created locally and was featured in KAIROS’ “Roll with the Declaration” event, which gathered banners from across Canada and joined them together in Ottawa as public witness calling on the Government of Canada to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Over 300 banners were created and formed a parade almost one kilometre long!

The banner is rich with symbolism and represents two cultures working together and supporting one another in the signing of the UNDRIP. A Canadian flag forms the backdrop of this beautiful banner, with each of the three fields representing regional First Nations art – west coast, plains, and eastern woodlands. Norma Emerson, Beulah Paugh, and Carolyn Moore each took responsibility for a section.

The presentation was part of Qualicum First Nation’s Winter Celebration, hosted by District 69 First Nation’s Educational Services, which included a salmon feast, and student singing and dancing performances. The banner now hangs in the Qualicum Band Office.

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