Get Involved 2019 Regional Gatherings

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2019 Regional Gatherings

KAIROS gathered, at opposite ends of the country, just one week apart. April 26-27 was the KAIROS BC-Yukon Network Gathering No Passengers on Planet Earth and from May 2-5 was Streams of Justice, the KAIROS Atlantic Gathering for 2019. Both Gatherings were full, rich places of connection, learning and renewal – made possible by so many small and large contributions from so many people.

So many drops making the streams of justice flow on both ends of the country: banners and blankets created, friendships sparked or renewed, stories shared and lessons learned about ecological justice, Indigenous rights, justice for migrants and the Women of Courage who resist extractive industry and create peace around the world. Workshops led on topics as diverse as meeting our multi-faith neighbours to learning from the youth movement at the international climate change gatherings. All grounded by the sacred fire and the morning chapel worship services in the east and wrapped up by an optional outdoor wild church service in the west.

We thank all the participants for joining KAIROS Canada in both places and igniting the justice movement.

Schedule for Streams of Justice
Schedule for No Passengers on Planet Earth