Join KAIROS as a Community

Companions & Communities

Any group in Canada * who wishes to be connected to KAIROS’ work for human rights and ecological justice can become a KAIROS Community. As a Community you will receive regular updates on what KAIROS is doing to promote a more just and sustainable world and how you can get involved, plus some resources that are particularly relevant to groups.

* If you do not have a Canadian address you can still keep up to date with an e-newsletter subscription.

This is your movement – your group belongs!

To become a KAIROS Community send the following information by email to

  1. Name of your community or group
  2. Type of group (ecumenical, congregation, student, youth, union etc.)
  3. Main contact and alternate contact with full name and email address for each.
  4. Community mailing address and phone number
  5. Please tell us how long you have been a group, any involvement you or the group have had with KAIROS and anything else that you think would be helpful for us to know.