Organización Femenina Popular

The Popular Feminist Organization (OFP) was established in 1972 in the city of Barrancabermeja.  Today the OFP has a presence across the Magdalena Medio, as well as Bogotá and Huila and has become one of the largest and most well-respected grassroots women’s organizations in Colombia.  The OFP represents thousands of women, and has programming in the areas of peace, human rights, health, and food security.  The Magdaleno Medio ‘s natural wealth, especially in oil and gold, alongside its extreme poverty (nearly double the national average) made it a focal point in Colombia’s armed conflict.  The OFP’s experience accompanying victims of social and economic injustice and political violence in this region gives them a unique perspective on the peace process.

At a local level the OFP continues to operate casas de mujeres and run community kitchens which offer affordable meals and provide some income to the women’s centres. It provides psycho-social counselling, legal support to women victims of violence, human rights training, and youth programs.  The OFP continues to accompany women victims of the war who are seeking reparations through the implementation of the Victims’ Law (Ley de Victimas,  2011).  They are also engaged in a process of collective reparations with the State Victims Unit in recognition of the threats and violations they suffered as an organization, including the assassination of a number of their leaders.  The OFP has become an emblematic case of collective reparations in Colombia.  KAIROS has been in partnership with the OFP for over 15 years.

KAIROS needs to raise 1.3 million dollars in matching funds to sustain the Women of Courage: Women, Peace & Security program. 

For every $1 you donate, our partners will get $4

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