PROPHETIC WITNESS Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace

On this pilgrimage we seek unity and communion engaging together in concrete action for justice and peace.

In 2013, recognizing the need to hold on to hope in a world in peril, the World Council of Churches (WCC) issued a call to a Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace. The World Council of Churches is an expression of the worldwide Christian fellowship.

Their call was to“churches everywhere to walk together, to view their common life, their journey of faith, as a part of the pilgrimage of justice and peace, and to join together with others in celebrating life and in concrete steps toward transforming injustices and violence.”

In Canada, we recognize our ongoing ecumenical and denominational work for justice and peace as an expression of this pilgrimage, or sacred walk as it might be better understood in our context where we are seeking reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

In order to deepen this connection, representatives from Canadian member churches of the World Council of Churches and ecumenical organizations are inviting reflections interpreting an aspect of Canadian ecumenical work through the lens of the “pilgrimage of justice and peace.” Our vision is that through this ecumenical sharing of stories that reflect our participation in a sacred walk of justice and peace, we might encourage each other in the three different, dynamic and interdependent dimensions, that the WCC has named for this journey: celebrating the gifts; visiting the wounds; transforming the injustices.

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