Light of a Star, a worship resource

Light of a Star: Epiphany Year C Resource for Justice Seekers

Use in your own church or gather your neighbours for an ecumenical community worship service.

The season of Epiphany is full of wonderful stories and psalms and even laws that help us learn about Jesus. The first story tells us about the Wise Ones who knew the world needed God’s love. They found Jesus, the Light of the World, under the star. The journey of the Wise Ones and the machinations of a despot king make us think of those who are on the move because of injustice, seeking shelter, seeking work, seeking a better life. Migrant workers are ever hopeful when they land on Canadian soil. Can we nurture communities that embrace these seekers? We find wisdom in the stories of the Israelites coming together after Babylonian exile and the Corinthians striving to be a community despite insurmountable differences.

What wisdom and guidance will we find in the Light of a Star?

This resource includes Scripture commentary, prayers, ritual and a children’s reflection for each week, as well as two new Epiphany hymns. New this year, the Migrant Justice content with stories, background and action suggestions is organized into bulletin inserts to use in your congregation or at other events.

Last year we introduced the idea of a Cultural and Culinary Epiphany Feast and continue to encourage it. The idea comes out of the very well received Indigenous and Newcomer Friendship events in 2017-2018. What a way to come together in the midst of winter, to share the warmth of food and fellowship as migrants, newcomers, Indigenous and settler peoples. Gather your neighbours – other churches, migrant alliances, settlement agencies, Friendship Associations and more for a community feast.

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