John Couto

Digital Communications and Marketing Coordinator

John is a creative thinker and innovator, passionate about digital communication and its progressive development for teaching and communicating with a global audience. As the Digital Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Kairos Canada, he feels blessed with the opportunity to continue to fulfill his passion by allowing him to convey information, impart knowledge, and engage on subjects such as climate change, equality, social and economic justice, as well as stories of faith and courage with various audiences from around the world.

In his professional life, he has assisted businesses and organizations with their website development, social media presence, and marketing campaigns, as well as led teams in the fields of quality control, franchising, web development, graphic design, analytics, marketing, data acquisition, and technical support for over three decades.

As for his personal life, when he’s not volunteering for non-profit, religious, and youth sports organizations, he enjoys designing and creating in his workshop for 3D printing, CNC fabrication, sublimation, and woodworking.

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