INDIGENOUS RIGHTS Winds of Change: About the logo

In the words of Justice Murray Sinclair: “Education is what got us here and education is what will get us out”.  Education is the cornerstone for change.

dragonfly-icon-reconciliaction-winds-of-change-campaignWhat Do You See?

The logo for the Winds of Change campaign is meant to be seen as both a dragonfly and a small sprout blooming into a flower.

The flower is a symbol of growth and flourishing, beauty and perseverance, patience and anticipation.

The dragonfly represents transformation and is recognised as such in several Indigenous cultures.

At its core, the Winds of Change campaign is advocating for changed behaviours and attitudes towards Indigenous peoples in Canada.  The transformation comes from starting with one perception/attitude and ending up with another. The dragonfly’s ability to move in all directions, demonstrates a flexibility that allows for a smoother transition during this process of transformation.

Our continued growth on the path of reconciliation, as individuals and as a nation, is represented by the sprout blooming into a flower. The colours of the flower petals and dragonfly wings represent the 4 directions:  white is north, red is south, yellow is east and black is west.

A group of dragonflies is called a ‘flight’ and represents the lifting of one’s spirit into heightened awareness.  Physically a dragonfly has big eyes which lets this awareness in.

When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its summary report and 94 Calls to Action in June 2015, many Canadians heard about our colonial past, the legacy of the Indian Residential School system, and our damaged relationships with Indigenous peoples for the first time. With this awakening, with the acceptance of these truths into our minds and hearts, where do we go from here?

… and so the KAIROS Winds of Change campaign and Education for Reconciliation actions begin.


For the First Nations people of the Northwest coast of Canada, the dragonfly is a creature of both the wind and the water, symbolizing transformation and swiftness. It is a symbol of the type of change that arises from mental and emotional maturity and insight into life’s deepest meaning. The dragonfly’s ability to move swiftly in all directions reflects a power and poise that is attained only through age and experience.

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