KAIROS WPS Year Four at a Glance (pdf) (En, Fr, Es) (2022)

KAIROS WPS Year Four at a Glance


This download includes versions in English, French and Spanish.


The At a Glance report for Year 4 of the KAIROS Women of Courage: Women Peace and Security program is now available in English, French and Spanish.

The report highlights the critical work of KAIROS partners – grassroots women peacebuilders in Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Palestine – as they faced the second year and longer- term impacts of the pandemic, including higher unemployment, deepened economic and food insecurity, more gender-based violence, and greater political instability. Yet, partners and participants in the program also demonstrated great resilience and strength, and a strong sense of pride in overcoming adversity.

You can read about the significant program outcomes and stories of change and testimonies of participants, the south -south opportunities and collective strategies, even as partners faced the second year of the pandemic.

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