Addressing Ecological Debt: Equity and Justice for Climate-related Loss and Damage

Loss and Damage Report


Dive into questions of equity and climate justice in KAIROS’ insightful report on global funding for climate-related loss and damage. The report centers the voices of partners in the Global South and provides comprehensive analysis of the global loss and damage conversation. The report concludes with recommendations for the Canadian government and the international community.


Explore questions of equity, reparations, and climate justice in response to the profound impacts of human-caused climate change in the Global South. In this report, KAIROS, rooted in principles of equity and climate justice, sheds light on the critical aspects of Loss and Damage (L&D), the “third pillar” of climate financing alongside mitigation and adaptation.
This comprehensive report delves into the heart of global climate injustice, exploring the inequities in greenhouse gas emissions production, and the disproportionate burden borne by marginalized communities, women, and Indigenous peoples. KAIROS aims to amplify the voices and experiences of those most affected by climate change, emphasizing their pivotal role in developing sustainable solutions.
Prior to COP27, high-emitting nations focused predominantly on mitigation efforts, sidelining the urgent need for addressing climate-related L&D. The KAIROS Report uncovers the costs of climate-related L&D, estimated at staggering figures of up to US$ 580 billion annually in 2018, projected to reach $1 trillion by 2050. With the COP27 agreement initiating the development of a Loss and Damage Fund (LDF), crucial questions about funding, governance, and decision-making power come to the forefront of global, ecological justice considerations.
Through interviews with KAIROS partners and insights from the COP27 delegation, the report presents vital recommendations for the LDF, advocating for a phased-out transition from fossil fuels, recognizing L&D payments as a form of climate reparations, and contextualizing climate action within broader narratives of globalization, colonialism, extractivism, and capitalism.
Join KAIROS in unraveling the complexities of climate justice and Loss and Damage funding and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future. Download the full report to engage in the conversation and be a catalyst for positive change.

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