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EventsDecolonizing Settler Led Water Advocacy/Protection

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 EDT @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

| Free

stream of water

Decolonizing Settler Led Water Advocacy/Protection

Join Wellington Water Watchers for this webinar to explore questions about what it means to decolonize settler led water advocacy and protection. We are inviting our community to this Q&A event  (a la Cross Country Check-up or Ontario Today) with a moderator and guest panel. This event has been created as an opportunity to explore the topic of decolonizing our work with the added intention of meeting each of us exactly where we are in order to support and deepen our learning. Our chosen panel are not “experts” but settler folks in various non-profit organizations connected to water who are on their own decolonizing journey. Bring your questions and your deep listening to this event. More details coming soon!

questions you might consider:

  • How do you activate a Land Acknowledgement?
  • How are we thinking outside of colonial political boundaries?
  • What is decolonization in 2021?

Water Watchers is grateful for the support from the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Blue Community project, for time spent in collaboration on this and other lead-up events on the topic of decolonizing our work.

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