Introducing Yusra Shafi, youth delegate

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Let’s meet Yusra Shafi – a KAIROS/For the Love of Creation youth delegate in the COP 27 delegation. She is an international student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Environment & Behaviour. Her heritage is South Asian (India) and her family is in Kuwait. Yusra is currently an intern at Development and Peace  and has had a long involvement with the Model UN.  

She says this diverse background “allows me to gain a more transdisciplinary understanding, especially as to how the climate crisis disproportionately affects some communities.”   

Of particular interest to Yusra are the Sustainable Development Goals – an effort to ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. 

She wants all Canadians to “call upon the Canadian government to take more stringent measures to stick to the agreed-upon terms of the Paris Accord, act more at COP27 this year, and push for and adopt bills such as Bill C-226.”  

Yusra also urges “the Canadian public to stay up to date not only on the environmental conditions here in Canada, but also those in the rest of the world.” 

Watch Yusra’s introductory video. 

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