What does “Loss and Damage” have to do with it?

Those who have contributed the least to the climate crisis shouldn’t have to pay for it.  

For years, low-income countries from the Global South have called on high income countries, such as Canada – the world’s 7th highest carbon consumer – to pay their fair share of the losses and damages caused by the climate crisis, which impact them most acutely. 

Globally, climate-related loss and damage is expected to cost up to $38 trillion a year by 2050. 

Finally, United Nations member countries agreed to a Loss and Damage Fund in 2022 during COP27, the UN climate conference held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.  

“Loss and Damage” refers to losses and damages that would not otherwise occur if the climate were not changing, as well as various types of losses that exceed a country or community’s capacity to adapt. 

High-income countries, like Canada, have benefited from the exploitation and excess use of resources to the detriment of others. They are responsible for redressing these harms through compensation for climate-caused losses and recovery from climate-caused damage. 

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In the lead up to COP28 in November 2023, KAIROS released its report: Addressing Ecological Debt – Equity and Justice for Climate-Related Loss and Damage. The report centers on the analyses and experience of partners in the Global South.   

KAIROS’ Loss and Damage report was launched with a 90-minute panel and group discussion, called Churches’ Advocacy on Loss and Damage. Panelists included people who are Indigenous, youth, from the Global South and climate activists. It was organized by the ACT Alliance, KAIROS Canada, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and For the Love of Creation. 


Canada was instrumental in establishing the Loss and Damage Fund during COP27.  During COP28, Canada announced $16 million towards the Fund’s start-up costs.  

While $16 million is a good start, Canada must contribute more. KAIROS calls on Canada to make a financial pledge to the Global Loss and Damage Fund to adequately respond to the scale of impacts experienced by communities in the Global South. 

We are working with our networks to determine Canada’s fair share contribution to the Fund. Stay tuned for developments on an advocacy campaign in the lead up to UN Climate Change Conference in Baku in November 2024 (COP29). 

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What does “Loss and Damage” have to do with it? Plenty! Find out why it’s high time for high emitters like Canada to finally pony up & pay their fair share of the #climatecrisis. @kairoscanada #LossandDamage #JusticeNotCharity  

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