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5 weeks, 5 focuses, a month of learning and taking action September 1 – 30

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The theme for 2022 is Decolonizing Climate Action.

KAIROS Climate Action Month 2022 focuses on listening to and learning from peoples and communities who are too often ignored when addressing the climate crisis. 

For the fourth annual Climate Action Month, we will look at how to decolonize climate action.  

Throughout September, KAIROS will explore the following weekly themes through online content and actions: Season of Creation, Canada – Complicity and Action, COP27 Solidarity- Global Partners, COP27 Solidarity- Indigenous Partners and youth, and Everything’s Connected. We will post content throughout the month. You can follow along by visiting the Climate Action Month Blogs. 

KAIROS and its Indigenous and Global partners will share resources and reflections on decolonizing climate action, and measures to ensure the equal and meaningful participation of Indigenous peoples and people from Global South – especially women and racialized communities – in decision-making spaces pertaining to the climate crisis. 

Decolonizing climate action begins by recognizing that colonialism is still active in our world… the familiar, comfortable, and business-as-usual have only led us further down the path of growing crises of climate and ecological injustice. Decolonization is not just about wider inclusion. We will dig deeper into this during Climate Action Month. 

KAIROS’ Climate Action Month also amplifies the World Council of Churches’ Season of Creation, which runs from September 1 (World Day of Prayer for Creation) to October 4 (St. Francis of Assisi Day). The theme of this year’s Season of Creation is “Listen to the Voice of Creation”, in recognition of the voices that are muted or silenced in their attempts to communicate the climate crisis. 

We invite you on this journey to listen to the Voice of Creation and to those who help sustain it, to consider how colonization has impacted climate action, to rethink old assumptions, and to act in support of global and climate justice.  

It’s time to make a difference by doing something different. Decolonize climate action! 

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