Aspiring to inspire! Calling for Spirited Reflections writers

With KAIROS’ commitment to faithful action for ecological justice and human rights, we are calling for new Spirited Reflections to help inspire our constituents and others.  Spirited Reflections are ethical and theological reflections on the issues facing our world.

We are asking those from member churches, partners, youth, and networks to write a theological reflection.

These writings are used in church services, meetings, or simply as inspirational reading.  And KAIROS posts these to the website front page as well as our Facebook page regularly reaching over 2000 in the wider global network.

Can you help?

If you are willing (or if you can recruit others), we ask you to let us know when you can send a written piece for specific date this year.  We are seeking a non-partisan written work of 500-800 words which has not been previously published.  This social justice theological reflection can be tied to the revised common lectionary, linked to a special event or social justice-international anniversary, or rooted in an ethical insight relevant to KAIROS.  We encourage staying within the scope of KAIROS priorities and mandate and using inclusive language.  There may be some limited editing.

Please let us know if you can help! For further information or to schedule a reflection, please write to  or call 416 463-5312.

Thank you!


  • The theological Spirited Reflection takes on a non partisan social justice theme related to KAIROS’ work that is about 500-800 words.
  • Please attach a short bio about yourself (one to three sentences)!
  • If you can, please attach an image reflecting your theme (with photo credit, if not in the public domain).
  • Samples– You can review some of the other examples of Spirited Reflections at
  • Once we have confirmation from you and agree on the date, we will send you a reminder.

Thank you so much for your willingness to contribute to KAIROS in this way!

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