Take a Sacred Pause

Day 5 - Climate Action Challenge

Yesterday we introduced For the Love of Creation.  This work calls us to consider and act on what we, as people of faith, can do – individually, in small groups and as large faith communities – for the love of creation. We have developed a resource based on this question. How do we love creation? Why do we love creation? These questions are important to ask in discerning and strengthening our own motivations for climate action.   

“We will only protect what we love, and we will only love what we understand.

Senegalese environmentalist Baba Dioum

By taking time out of our busy lives to renew our relationship with creation, to go into our local watersheds, or to sit in the stillness of nature, we enrich our experience of the sacred. This nurtures our love and devotion of creation and our motivation to protect it. 

Take a moment today to take a sacred pause using the resource from For the Love of Creation


The first part of the resource is a reflection from Gkisedtanamoogk, an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, a deep thinker, who invites us to consider both why and how we love creation. His writing is rich and profound. Sit with these words, read them more than once and open yourself to the ways they might speak to you. 


A simple practice using the words Sense, Appreciate, Connect, Respect, Express, Delight (SACRED), guides us in remembering or discovering how to be in relationship with creation – a relationship of love and respect.  

bitterroot flower

Today’s flower on the
Climate Action Card is bitterroot

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