Indigenous women on the frontlines

Day 15 - Climate Action Challenge

Today Climate Action Month recognizes the crucial role that Indigenous women land and water defenders play for the environment and all who depend on it. Women land defenders speak up to defend the air, land and water and do so to protect their rights, the wellbeing of their communities, and fulfil responsibilities to future generations. Despite this crucial role, Indigenous land defenders are facing an alarming rise in reported criminalization, harassment and violence. These threats have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Women bear a heavy burden from the impacts of climate change because they are most often the ones responsible for providing water, food and energy for their families and are systematically underrepresented in the control of resources and governance of their communities. Indigenous women bear an even heavier burden from the historic and continuing impacts of colonialism, racism, and inequality. For these same reasons, they are also the ones who can lead in finding effective solutions to the climate crisis. Today we recognize both the achievements of and the challenges facing Indigenous women on the frontlines of climate justice. 


Today’s resources share the voices of Indigenous women on the frontlines of climate justice and protection of the environment: 


Today’s action is to support Indigenous land defenders – by listening to their experiences and messages, advocating for their rights and safety, and supporting their work on the frontlines for climate justice. 

daffodil flower

Today’s flower on the
Climate Action Card is a daffodil

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