KAIROS Climate Action Month begins!

Day 1 - Climate Action Challenge

Today marks the beginning of the second annual KAIROS Climate Action Month. Last year, Climate Action Month galvanized action around the Global Climate Strike and the October federal election. This year’s Climate Action Month is marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has laid bare the interconnectedness of the global economic and ecological crises. In a post-pandemic recovery, we call on our leaders to act boldly to ensure the integrity of our planet, and to uphold basic human rights and the dignity of all peoples. This year, our actions during September are part of a growing movement for a just recovery. 

This year, we will explore five weekly themes for Climate Action Month:

  • Season of Creation (Week 1);
  • Just Transition (Week 2);
  • Indigenous Rights (Week 3);
  • Global Climate Justice (Week 4); and
  • Water (Week 5).    

Every day, we will post content on a daily topic with resources to learn more. We’ll be sharing new KAIROS resources, showcasing the work of our members and global partners, and more.  

There is also an updated #30DayChallenge to motivate you to take action for climate justice every day.  We have curated 30 specific actions that you can take this September and have also designed a card that you can use at any time during the year. We encourage you to share your actions on social media using the hashtags: #KAIROSClimateAction and #30DayKAIROSChallenge.

At the end of the month, all posts that are tagged #30DayKAIROSChallenge will be put into a draw for prizes. 

On top of all that – we have also entered the Season of Creation, which runs from September 1 (World Day of Prayer for Creation) to October 4 (St Francis of Assisi Day).  The Season of Creation is a time to renew our relationship with our Creator and all creation through repenting, repairing, and rejoicing together. The theme of this year’s Season of Creation is Jubilee for the Earth, a time of restoration and hope that requires radically new ways of living with creation.   


Print your #30DayChallenge Card and get ready to learn, reflect and take collective action for climate justice this month!   

Learn more about the Season of Creation and participate in this season’s events and actions.  


Pray for Creation. September 1 is the World Day of Prayer for Creation, so take a moment of reflection today and pray. We’ve provided  two options below, but you are welcome to use one familiar to you or your own intercession.    

 Welcoming  Season of Creation  
 Blessed are You, God alive in Earth and Cosmos!  
 Welcoming this Season of Creation,   
 we celebrate your generosity,  
 as late summer ripens to early autumn.  
 All your creatures reveal your beauty, truth and wisdom.  
 We give thanks for flourishing fields, bringing forth rich harvest, 
 colourful gardens, attracting precious pollinators.  
 In every season, You  give us what we need.  
 Eagerly, your Spirit nourishes us  
 to receive and share  
 loving kindness and compassion.  
 Forgive our carelessness, causing Earth’s distress,  
 with loss of many species.  
 In a time of pandemic,  
 guide us to participate in your call to transformation.  
 Awaken us to walk lightly on the land,  
 seeding integrity … cultivating justice …                         
 creating a climate of equality and peace.  
 Gratefully, we pray in the name of Jesus,  
 who calls us to grow, making all things  new.     


dhalia flower

Today’s flower on the
Climate Action Card
is a dhalia

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