Climate Action Month Day 7: Giveaway

KAIROS is pleased to spotlight the Birch Bark Coffee Company, a First Nations-owned social enterprise working to improve drinking water conditions on and off reserves. Their goal is to “solve the water crisis one coffee bag at a time”. Part of the proceeds from every bag sold goes towards the purchase and installation of water purification systems in homes in Indigenous communities that are under boil water advisories.

Today’s resource: The winner of this week is Vida Jaugelis. Not only did she participate in the #30DayKAIROSChallenge and post her story in our comments- she also encouraged other people to participate.

“Did better than I expected. Under 3min, 36sec! Anyone else up to the challenge?”

Your #30DayKAIROSChallenge

Learn about your watershed from your local Conservation Authority and (if you are able) volunteer to help with ecological monitoring such as water testing.

All Canadians live in a watershed system that connects us to the rest of the country. Issues such as pollution and erosion are felt across watersheds, so protecting one watershed has a ripple effect across political borders. (Source: Canadian Geographic) 

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