Climate Action Month Day 6: Land-based healing

Land-based Healing has become a staple for Indigenous-led solutions. It is a way to learn about ceremonial protocols, lodge keeping, helping Elders, and appropriately honouring the gifts of plantkin spirits who so selflessly offer themselves. Plantkin ways of thinking and knowing about spirit includes regard for our plants as relatives, kin no different than our Aunties. This kinship is offered selflessly of plant spirits through their gifts of healing and companionship, even in the most urban spaces, surrounded with only adverse growing conditions.  

Connecting to Plantkin teachings and learning opportunities can be considered an aspect of land-based healing and the wider healing justice movement, central to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) social justice work. Learning about the history of the plant medicines can be a powerful source of education, healing and spiritual replenishment that helps elevate our climate crisis.  

Today’s resource: To be engaged in Plantkin Reconciliation is to be faced with the vast and inherent wisdom of our ancestors, validated and upheld by scientific study in numerous ways is truly humbling.  Read more below-

Your #30DayKAIROSChallenge

Unplug for a full hour and spend time in nature (your garden or a local park) 

Being connected to nature has a number of measurable health benefits. Being in green spaces can lower stress and anxiety while boosting your immune system. (Source: 

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