Climate Action Month Day 3: From the Chapeau community

Indigenous Rights are deeply connected to climate justice. Wherever in the world you see disturbance and harm caused by natural resource exploitation, Indigenous human rights are infringed upon, and sacred places, honoured since time immemorial, are abused and desecrated.

KAIROS’ Climate Action Month isn’t just about the impact of climate change on communities and individuals, it is also about celebrating the ways that our communities can raise each other up. There are many grassroots folks honouring our ancestral ways, or as much as we know of them, by protecting Turtle Island and the rest of this world’s sacred places.  

Today’s resource: The Chapeau Gallerie Regionale in Chapeau, Quebec is creating safety for community by taking others into safety, surrounded by the warmth of community and a love infused with genealogical expertise and local history.

Your #30DayKAIROSChallenge

Bring a re-usable water bottle to work/school 
Did you know- 90% of bottled water’s cost comes from making the bottle. An estimate 1,500 plastic bottles end up as waste in landfills or thrown in the ocean every second. (Source: The World Counts)

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