Climate Action Month Day 22: Climate migrants and spiritual response to climate emergency

Today’s resources: Connie Sorio, Migrant Justice Coordinator joined more than 60 delegates from approximately 24 countries in a visit to three communities in the Greater Manila Area that are impacted by poverty, displacement and climate change. The visit was part of the Beyond Labels, Beyond Borders International Conference on the Rights of Climate Migrants, in Quezon City, Philippines, September 17-19. Read her blog about forced displacement

People of all faiths are in a unique position to support our shared community with a spiritual response to the climate emergency. To honour the youth leading this movement and to voice our common commitment to the Earth there will be a vigil on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 22 in Toronto for people of every faith and belief tradition.

Your #30DayKAIROSChallenge

Try to cook a meal with only local produce. If you can make it a vegan meal! 

Cooking with less meat and using as many vegan options as possible can cut greenhouse gas emissions significantly. If everyone was vegan, greenhouse gas emissions from food production would drop by 49%. (Source: Poore and Nemecek, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018) 

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